A Secure Home for Mary and her Family

Mary Aloyo lives in Uganda where she cares for her mother, Rosalba and her 5 children. Mary was victim of domestic violence and abuse. Her mother who she now has moved back to live with, suffers from asthma. Mary and her family currently live in a hut and Mary must spend her time and energy repairing the roof of these huts. Thanks to your support that has changed Mary and her family have received their new home. This family is thrilled to be benefiting from your generosity. Thank you for supporting the mission of Homes for Homes and giving to this family.


A New Home for Florence Akello and her Family


Florence Akello lives in Uganda, Gulu with her 7 children. In 2018 Florence's husband was murdered, leaving her a widow. She works as a farmer but has a disabled right leg and cannot afford enough land for her farming. In addition to being vulnerable, Florence struggles to provide food for her family and the children have had to drop out of school due to lack of scholastic materials and tuition. The family was previously living in grass huts which were falling apart during the rainy season, but now, thanks to your kindness, they have a brand new home!  Thank you for generously supporting Florence and her children.


Welcome Home to the Hernandez Beltran Family!


Diego and his wife, Laura live in the Felipe Angeles community of Juarez, Mexico with their two children Claudia (15) and Diego Jr. (13).  While both the children attend school, Laura is a stay at home mother and Diego works as a parking lot attendant. The family's previous home was made from used materials, had a plywood and tarp roof, and a dirt floor, but now, thanks to your kindness, they have a brand new home! The Hernandez Beltran family's message to you is, "We are so very grateful to God and generous people like you that are blessing our family." Thank you for generously supporting Diego, Laura and their children.

A Home for the Cuevas Duran Family

Uvaldo and his wife, Yurai live in the Carlos Chavira community of Juarez, Mexico with their two sons Uriel (11) and Keila (8). While both the boys attend school, Yurai is a stay at home mother who volunteers at the 'El Arca' church where Uvaldo works as a pastor. The family has been living at the church, but now, thanks to your kindness, they have a brand new home!

The Cuevas Duran family's message to you is, "We give thanks to God that we know such wonderful brothers in Christ. This may be the home we live in but it will always be God's house first." Thank you for generously supporting Uvaldo, Yurai, and their children.


Jehieli's Christmas Gift

Fam Sanchez Morales Antes.jpg

Jehieli and her children live in the ‘Jose Sulaiman’ community of Juarez, Mexico. Her husband abandoned the family two years ago, and she has been working as a seamstress to provide for her children Gael (10), Damaris (7) and Angel (3). The family’s current home is a one room structure made from old wood, plywood, cardboard and has a dirt floor. Jehieli has saved enough money to purchase a lot for a new home to be constructed.

Jehieli asked that we share this with you: “First of all, I want to say how grateful we are for the help you are giving us and we give thanks to God for the generosity of others that is helping our family”.

fam Sanchez Morales Despues.jpg

A Home for Susana


Susana and her children live in the ‘Jose Sulaiman’ community of Juarez, Mexico. Kevin, Taciel and Brayan attend school while she works as day laborer doing odd jobs when they are available. She is able to earn about $45 per week.

Susana owns her property and she and the boys are currently living in a one room structure that has a dirt floor. The structure has been put together from old scraps of wood, pallets, and tarps. It is not very secure, and it lets in both the wind and the rain. A new home would make a tremendous impact on the quality of life and health for this family.

Susana’s message to you: “Thank you so much for your help.  I can never repay your kindness!”

Welcome Home Martinez Dias Family!

Guillermo and his family live in the ‘Jose Sulaiman’ community of Juarez, Mexico. He works in a factory and earns about $63 per week. Liseth is a stay at home mother and cares for their two children, Dabne (4), and Guillermo Jr. (9months). The family currently lives in a one room structure that has been constructed with used lumber, plywood, and felt paper and has a dirt floor. They have been able to purchase the lot where they live but have not been able to build an adequate home for their family. But now, thanks to your kindness, they have a brand new stucco home! Guillermo asked that we tell you: “Thank you for this blessing and the gift that you are giving to our family.” We hope that this family has many years of great memories in this home.

Casa 18CJ0054.jpg