Welcome Home Elizabeth!

We had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth this summer, and she was battling malaria.  Her home was in a dangerous condition, with a leaking roof and walls crumbling.  Elizabeth became a widow in 2000, left with 6 children to raise on her own.  She faced another difficult situation, when her son Moses died, leaving her grandchildren as orphans.  So Elizabeth took her two grandchildren in and has been raising them as her own.  

Now Elizabeth has a new home and a latrine on her family land to raise her grandchildren! She lives in a good village and has a gardening plot to provide food for them as well.  Thank you for generously giving to provide Elizabeth a home.  We are so thankful to partner with Way Home Africa in the construction of this home! 

Mariam's New Home

Mariam became a widow in 2000, raising her 4 children on her own.  Over the years, her daughters married and one of her sons went to Kampala and has not been seen again.  But things changed for Mariam in 2011, when her other son died and she had to step up and care for her 3 grandchildren.  Their mother was very, very ill and abandoned them, leaving Mariam responsible for these precious kids.  This is the home that they have been living in, but thanks to your donations and our ministry partners Way Home Africa, they now have a brand new home and latrine built on family land.  Look at Miriam's smile in front of her new home - that is priceless!

A Beautiful Home for Beatrice!

We had the privilege of meeting Beatrice this summer when we traveled to Africa, and she stole our heart.  A hard-working women that was making the best of her situation, and a smile that brought joy to us all.  Beatrice was pregnant with her fifth child in 2012 when her husband died suddenly, leaving her and the boys to fend for themselves.  With a strong will and determination, Beatrice has learned to farm a family plot to provide for her children.  Now she has a beautiful, three room home and latrine to shelter them!  Thank you for giving generously and providing Beatrice and her boys a home on their family's land.  

A Great Aunt Gets a Home

Toprista came to Nasuti to care for her 4 nieces and nephew when her brother abandoned them.  His wife had recently died, so Toprista, a widow, took on the responsibility to raise these children as her own.  Now she has a new home and latrine with plenty of room for her family.  It was inspiring to see the sacrifice of this precious woman and we are honored to partner with Way Home Africa in providing her a roof over her head and a concrete floor beneath her feet.

Topirista Needs a New Home

This precious grandmother stepped up to care for her five grandchildren when her son died.  She is raising them, along with four other children in this makeshift structure pictured above, comprised of metal sheets and a partial wall.

You can change the future for this family with your year-end giving!  Help us provide Topirista with the first home constructed in 2016 through Homes for Homes.  $3,500 will build a three-room brick home with a latrine and a farming plot.  We're so thankful that Topirista is doing all she can to provide for all these children. Now let's do all that we can to give her a strong shelter that they can call "home."

Welcome Home Justine!

Justine's smile captivated our hearts when we met her this summer.  Her community was demonstrating the true love of Christ, allowing Justine and her 5 children to live in their homes.  She lost her former home when her husband died last year.  After he died, Justine could not pay the rent and her landlord threw her and her children out of the home. Thanks to the generous donations or our supporters, a home has now been constructed and a garden planted.  She and her precious children have a three bedroom home and latrine!  Justine and her family are still surrounded by their friends in a caring community.