Doreen's Christmas Blessing


Doreen is a woman who is currently over burden, psychologically, physically and emotionally. She lost her husband in august 2013, and he died of tuberculosis, but his death was so abrupt and saddened and due to the illiteracy in that area, the family almost thought she had poisoned the husband and yet this was completely not true because the medical report confirmed that he died of heart attack. But even with this medical knowledge, Doreen was already rejected by the extended family members and some of her own children hated her too for the death of her husband which they blamed on her. Doreen has 12 biological children to feed and yet currently Doreen is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, and she is struggling for energy and hope.

Doreen is on her piece of land left for her by her late husband and a brand new home was built right before Christmas. She was overcome with JOY when the home was completed!! Hope was evident all over spirit, and her children were so relieved to have a safe environment to live. Thank you for giving this tremendous gift to Doreen!