Carlos' family finally has a home

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Carlos and his family live in the ‘San Isidro’ community of Juarez, Mexico. He and his wife are pastors and are helping to start a satellite church, so they don’t have steady income at this time. Carlos and Irma’s two children and grandchild live with them. Carlos and Irma’s oldest daughter Alejandra works in a factory assembling wiring harnesses for cars. Abraham is 13 years old and is in 8th grade, their grandson Neitan is 6 and is in 1st grade.

They were recently given a lot on which their home will be built, and it is their plan to not only live there but to host bible studies in their home. They had previously been renting a home.

The family’s message to you is “We thank God for this great ministry that was born in the heart of God and we pray great blessings for your generous hearts”.

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