Morales Cordero Family


Currently living in the Jose Sulaiman Community of Juarez, Mexico, Marcelo, Fermina, and their three children are looking forward to receiving a new home! Marcelo works as an equipment operator, but he is currently in between jobs. Fermina is a stay at home mother who spends her time caring for the children. Irving and Joshua attend class in the morning, and Evelina is not currently attending school due to the fact she recently discovered that she is pregnant. 

At the moment this family has a home with dirt floors, two rooms, and is made from repurposed items such as used lumber. Due to funding through Homes for Homes, thanks to your generosity, they are now being built a brand new stucco home!

The message they send is, "We thank God for the help that he is providing to us through you. Thank you very much, and may God bless you."