Esaza Nakidodo

Esaza and family new house & latrineIMG_2293.JPG

Esaza Nakidodo is the mother of seven children. When her son Ronald died, his three children Yona Kitawu (11), Eric Keyinda (9), and Jacksin Isabirye (5), were left in her care. The family was living in a small mud hut with a grass roof that leaked when it rained, but now they have a three room brick home with a latrine! They also have a gardening plot to be able to grow their own food. 

Granny Esaza Nakiododo 2017 IMG_2179.JPG

They are so grateful for the gift of their new home! It has improved the quality of the lives of Esaza and her grandchildren. 

Granny Esaza Nakiododo 2017 IMG_0150.JPG