Meet the Noriega Family

Marcos Noreiga and his wife Jenoveba have 5 children between the ages of 5 and 13.  They were living in a one-room house made out of plywood scraps with a leaking roof in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.  Marcos works as a truck driver, making about $55 a week, and all of the children attend school.  Thanks to your generosity, this family has a concrete floor under their feet and a solid roof over their heads.  

At Homes for Homes, we think it's important to use local resources and local labor.  This aids the local economy in the communities where we serve and allows men to earn wages in an effort to provide for their families.  This is true in the Juarez community!  All of the men in the top photo were employed to build the Noriega's home.  

The Noriega family asked that we pass this message along to you:  "Thank you for the blessing of this house that you built.  God bless you!"