The Solis Segundo's are Grateful for Their New Home!

The Solis Segundo family is ready to move in! Salvador was previously working as a driver but is not currently working. His wife Maribel takes care of their two daughters Ivana (17) and Mariana (8).  Mariana was born with thyroid issues that require special attention. The family does not have a stable source of income and are so grateful for this home.  Their message to you is "We are grateful that our needs for a safer, better constructed home is being realized. Thank you!" 

The Herrera Soto's are Home!

The Herrera Soto family is excited to be receiving their new home! They live in the Lomas De Poleo community in Juarez, Mexico.  Maria owns a local store that sells groceries. She cares for her son Elias who is suffering from a head trauma that resulted in memory loss, some paralysis, and learning disabilities. Maria also watches over her two year old grandson, Eidan.  The family believes in God but is not very involved with their church.  The Herrera Soto's are extremely grateful for their new home. Maria's message to you is "We are grateful for this blessing and may God bless you in a special way." 

The Garcia Ramirez Family is Moving In!

Home Sweet Home!  

Margarita & Joshua

Margarita is happy to live in a home of her own with her son Joshua! They live in the Ampliacion Felipe Angeles community in Juarez, Mexico. As a single mother, Margarita works hard in the assembly line at a local factory to provide for her family.  She believes in God but does not regularly attend services. Your generosity is a light to Margarita and her son Joshua! Her message to you is "We are grateful to God and this ministry that is allowing a home to be built for us." 

The Yepez Mendez Family is Home!

   The Yepez Mendez family is overjoyed to be receiving their new home! The family lives in the Ampliacion Panfilo Natera community in Juarez, Mexico.  Luis Alberto works as a truck driver and his wife Gabriela stays home to care for their young children Aaron (8) and Gabriella (5). The Family regularly attends church and is actively involved teaching children's classes there.  The Yepez Mendez family has been saving for this property for years and their message to you is  "We are thankful with all of our hearts for the gift of this home given to our family. God bless you all!" 

Grace Nalukwago Has a New Home!

The Nalukwago family is happy to be home! Grace is caring for four grandchildren; Saina Kayanga (9), Isaiah Magero (7), Genesis Muwangunzi (5), and Jeremiah Kakaive (2).  Their previous house was so weak it once collapsed on the family.  Throughout all of this Grace has remained strong and now has a home that will be strong and safe for her family! The Nalukwago's new brick home has 3 rooms with a latrine and attached bath. This home will have a life changing impact on Grace and her grandchildren!

The Chavez Garcia Family is Moving In!

The Chavez Garcia family is ready for their new home!  The family lives in the Ampliacion Felipe Angeles community in Juarez, Mexico.  Jose Antonia works as a scrap collector and makes minimum wage. His wife Victoria cares for their young children Carlos (6) and Ailim (10 months).  The family has saved enough money to buy a small piece of property and are finally able to move into their own home! The Chavez Garcia's message to you is "Thank you for this blessing of helping us build a house. God Bless You!" 

The Rodriguez Moreno Family is Home!

The Rodriguez Moreno family is so grateful to be moving into their new home! Marielena is a single mother to her children Manuel (20), Diana (18), and Angel (11).  The family lives in the 'Lomas de Poleo' community in Juarez, Mexico. Marielena, Manuel, and Diana work in a factory to make ends meet.  The family's message to you is "Thank you very much for this gift and God bless you!"